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If you're unsure about what motion graphics are or the benefits they offer please scroll down to the bottom of this page for a detailed explanation.

So, what are motion graphics?

Perhaps you’re creating a video sequence and need to quickly visualize a topic without resorting to cliched stock footage clips (who hasn’t used a shot of business people pointing excitedly at a laptop!). Or, you simply want to jazz up some boring text slides with exciting, moving backgrounds. Motion graphics can help fill in these gaps, plus a whole lot more!

Motion graphics are simply graphics - in motion! These ‘graphics’ can be text elements, images, shapes, 3D objects, even other video elements. The distinction is that they are animated video sequences, as opposed to static photos and text slides, or live action footage. Often applied to existing digital video, film and TV footage, they can also be used independently as standalone sequences.

Available in a range of categories, motion graphics are suited to many different uses:

Animated Backgrounds

Animated backgrounds can often greatly enhance mundane sections of your video. Perhaps to provide creative, exciting, abstract backdrops for static text or, used in multiple instances, to provide a common visual theme to your production. As a general rule these clips are loop-ready so can be seamlessly looped for as long as your sequence requires.

Green Screen Transitions

Green screen transitions are an excellent way to reveal your video work, allowing you to tease the viewer with anticipation before showing them your footage. Far more interesting than a standard fade from black. Plus, you’ll also find green screen clips which, when ‘keyed out’ (the green areas are removed to become transparent) and placed over the top of your footage, allow animated elements to become integrated into your sequence.

For more information about green screen keying read our blog post "How to use green screen footage in your video".

Overlays and Effects

Overlays are effect animations that, when applied on top of your existing video, can alter its appearance. These could be atmospheric, traditional camera effects like light leaks, lens bokeh elements and vintage film looks or modern, digital glitchy graphics to make your sequence look as though it’s experiencing technical difficulties. Maybe you want to add weather effects like realistic rain or snow to your footage, overlays are perfect for this technique.

Conceptual Animations

Conceptual animations are sequences which attempt to convey a message or theme, without being too abstract. These clips are ideal when you don’t want to show real people or places, often because live action footage can be very subjective. Say you want to illustrate the idea of a company being global but don’t simply want to use footage of major cities or landmarks – a rotating 3D earth clip or animated world map would be perfect in this instance.

So, whether you want to change the visual style or mood of your footage, fill in some gaps in your story or corporate message, or to quickly and easily enhance an uninspiring project, motion graphics are an invaluable resource for the videographer’s toolkit.

Motion graphics from Enchanted Studios

We’ve been creating motion graphics since the mid 1990’s and have a real passion for animation and moving images. The many hours of designing, animating, texturing and rendering has culminated in our small but growing library of clips, covering a wide range of themes and styles.

Recently we’ve been adding 4K resolution clips to our library which are incredibly useful if you are still working in HD as you’re able to scale up (zoom in on) the file without losing quality. Also, look out for our great value motion graphics packs where we’ve combined multiple, similar clips together at reduced prices - both time-saving and cost-saving!

We’re currently in the process of providing all of our files through the Enchanted Media website, where we can offer you the lowest prices, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for right now please pop over to the Pond5 marketplace which already holds our entire portfolio.

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