Speech Waveform Animations – 4K Video Pack

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Looking to visualize speech or voice technology in your video production? This pack of speech waveform animations is perfect for representing voice audio in a visual style.

Add speech visualizations to your video easily

Speech Waveform Animation Stock Footage Pack HD

A pack of 16 animated voice waveform clips featuring a variety of audio pattern styles. These are perfect for audio concepts such as speech recognition (such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant), text-to-speech and other voice technologies.

These would be ideal for use in futuristic heads-up-display (HUD) scenes or when representing incoming dialogue from an external source, such as the comms screen of a sci-fi spaceship.

All clips are loop-ready, sized to 4K Ultra-HD resolution (3940×2160), and are a must-have for filmmakers, video content producers and animators.

Includes 16 elegant soundwave clips

Speech Waveform Animation Stock Footage Pack 1

This video pack includes 8 different waveform and audio spectrum animations, on both black and white backgrounds.

Ready for seamless looping

Speech Waveform Animation Stock Footage Pack 2

These are loopable video clips so can be placed side-by-side on your timeline to create seamless animated backdrops of any duration.

Software Requirements

Please note, these are video clips and not editable templates – they do not dynamically react to audio on your timeline. These clips simply ‘imply’ the presence of an audio signal and contain no audio tracks themselves. The random nature of the waveforms will give a convincing, if not entirely accurate, representation when combined with your own audio.

For use in most desktop video editing applications including Premiere Pro, Final Cut, iMovie, Avid, After Effects, Sony Vegas and Apple Motion. This is an MP4 file and requires Apple Quicktime to be installed on your machine.

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