Back to Black – Animation Pack

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Back to Black – Animation Pack

These 15 dark looping animations are perfect as continuous backgrounds for your text or product, when promoting a Black Friday deal for instance!

Black backgrounds give your message an air of sophistication. Text looks elegant on black and these subtly animated clips will help create mood and atmosphere for your sequence.

Each animation is loop-ready, for creating seamlessly looped sequences in your favorite video editing software.

Features :

  • 15 black background styles
  • Loop-ready animations
  • High definition 1080p

Included :

  • Black Arcs Loop – gently moving circular shapes
  • Black Blocks Loop – 3D cubes rising and falling
  • Black Bokeh Loop – sparkling glitter rising
  • Black Brush Loop – paint brush strokes filling the screen
  • Black Cylinders Loop – 3D tubes rising and falling
  • Black Dotty Loop – a vortex of blurry dots
  • Black Low Poly Loop – low polygon geometry
  • Black Meta Loop – reflective metaball fun
  • Black Metallic Loop – shiny brushed steel
  • Black Numbers Loop – random numbers
  • Black Oil Loop – dark oily organic substance
  • Black Scribble Loop – doodled lines
  • Black Triangular Loop – a grid of triangles
  • Black Waves Loop – gently rippling dots
  • Black Wireframe Loop – shallow focus sci-fi connections

Not Included :

Music is for preview purposes only and not included in the download file.

Clip Specifications

Resolution – HD 1080p (1920×1080)
Frame Rate – 30fps
Length – 0:10
Loop-Ready – Yes
Format – Photo JPEG
Audio – None

Please note these are rendered, animated clips and not editable templates. Please read Software Requirements, below.

Software Requirements

For use in all video editing software including Premiere, Final Cut, iMovie, Avid, After Effects, Sony Vegas and Apple Motion. This is a .MOV file and requires Apple Quicktime to be installed on your machine.

If you’re unsure whether your editing software can support this file type please try our FREE Black Wireframe Animation first! :

Download from ArtStation:

We are currently licensing this product via the ArtStation marketplace.

  License from ArtStation
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