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Product Support – Last updated May 2015


Enchanted.Media offers no guarantee of individual technical support with the purchase of a digital Product. Our template Products contain extensive user guides to aid editing and all Products will assume adequate knowledge of existing video editing software terminology.

Please note that, as we cannot offer dedicated support for After Effects templates, we strongly suggest these templates are downloaded only by users who are happy to explore the project files without the need of further assistance. We would recommend a minimum of 1 year’s familiarity with After Effects to fully comprehend the project structure for any potential changes in timings and restructuring. We do not offer refunds for After Effects templates downloaded with an intention to change the previewed sequence length, when this is not within the capability of the user.

If you experience a technical issue with your Product file please contact us using the form below and we will try to answer your query within 48 hours.

After Effects templates

What’s an After Effects template?

These are time-saving project files, for use with Adobe After Effects software, allowing you to quickly and easily add your own images, video, text and logos to produce powerful video sequences.

What can I do with it?

These templates can be used for personal slideshows, corporate presentations or even broadcast video. The template preview video provides just one idea of how the end result could look. By using different images, video footage, wording and music you are able to create a variety of different sequences from a single project file.

Please review our Usage Terms before purchasing.

What version of After Effects do I need?

Our templates will open in After Effects version CS5, and newer. Please note that these projects will not open in any other video editing application.

After Effects project files are both Mac and PC compatible.

Please visit the Adobe website for further information on After Effects software.

Are there instructions for editing?

All of our template files contain extensive User Guides, to aid editing. Only a basic knowledge of After Effects is required to populate the templates with your content, though more advanced users can benefit from being able to fully customise the template to their needs.

Typically you should know how to import image/video and music content into After Effects, how to edit text, and how to output a rendered video file.

We do not currently offer customisation services but can highly recommend Envato Studio for an editing quote.

Adobe® After Effects® is a trademark for Adobe Systems Incorporated. Enchanted.Media is not affiliated with Adobe Systems Incorporated in any way.

Motion Graphics

What are motion graphics?

Our motion graphics files are rendered animations for use as background elements or overlays within your video productions. We offer a wide range of sequences, covering a variety of concepts and styles.

These are video sequences and, unlike our After Effects templates, the animated elements cannot be edited.

Please review our Usage Terms before purchasing.

What software do I need?

As Quicktime video files they can be imported into most video editing applications. PC users will need to have Apple Quicktime installed.

What’s an Alpha Channel?

Some of our motion graphics file include alpha channels. These allow specific areas of the video to become transparent. Please consult the documentation of your chosen video editing application to ensure support for alpha channels.


Our images come in high quality JPEG format and are much larger, in dimensions, than the image files you might discover in an Internet search. They have been carefully shot, enhanced and colour corrected to the highest standard, and can be used for both video and print applications.

Please review our Usage Terms before purchasing.

Refund Policy

All Products are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

Please read through the Product’s description thoroughly, before purchasing, paying close attention to the file Type and Version. Refunds will not be given for files purchased in error. Please contact us using the form below if you have any pre-sales questions.

If you believe that a product is not functioning as intended and a refund is deserved, please contact us using the form below.

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