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Industry Standard Visual Effects Software

So, if you’re not yet aware of After Effects software it’s an industry standard visual effects and compositing application from Adobe. At its core are intuitive animation controls, powerful layer-based video effects and unmatched motion graphics tools.

After Effects has been around since the ‘90s and has become a favorite post-production tool for video producers, film makers and animators due to its breadth of ability and ease of use.

Broadly speaking it has three core uses:

Motion Graphics

An accessible, yet incredibly deep system of 2D and 3D animation tools for text and graphic elements. The combination of a layered, non-linear timeline and intuitive keyframing allows new users to create professional animations quickly and easily.

Video Effects

Like Photoshop for video the Effects menu contains a wealth of handy tools to fix or alter the characteristics of video footage.
From simple color grading and slow motion techniques to advanced particle emitter systems.


Green screen keying and motion tracking are made easy with After Effects.
Combining live action video footage with text and graphics is where you can really see the program’s remarkable scope.

What are After Effects templates?

As easy as the software is to pick up there will still be plenty of occasions where you simply don’t have the time to learn a new technique, or set up a complicated project. This is where you’ll want to make use of a template.

With ready-made AE templates many hours have already been spent testing and fine-tuning effects, timing and keyframing animation and pre-composing multiple layered elements. What you get is usually a finished project which simply requires you to drag and drop your stuff into it! Of course you may want to play around with any color adjustments and change the fonts, etc. but the vast majority of the work has been done and, for all intents and purposes you can see your end result much sooner.

We provide several categories of After Effects project files, including:

Logo Reveals

Perfect for short but professional branding stings to top and tail your productions.


If you’ve a bunch of photos or videos to display in an attractive fashion these projects are real time savers.

Corporate Promos

Often text based and dynamic these sequences allow you to produce powerful business presentations quickly.

Titles and Text Effects

It’s amazing how many ways there are to spice up a set of boring text screens!

Plus, we have a growing selection of smaller elements such as lower third placeholders.

All of our project files are extremely well organized and have been carefully assembled to provide the clearest route to your final render as possible.

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