Advent Calendar Window 3D Box Reveals – Animation Pack

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Count down to Christmas in style with these beautiful daily Christmas advent box reveal animations!

Create 3D festive number reveals for your footage!

Advent Calendar 3D Box Animation Pack Green Screen Stock Footage HD Still

A pack of 24 Christmas advent calendar, numbered window animations featuring 3D illustrated holiday boxes, in HD resolution.

Perfect for revealing a new image or video each December day, on the lead up to Christmas! Great for seasonal gift giveaways, use each clip to unveil a new daily video on your YouTube channel or social media, creating excitement and earning followers and subscribers throughout December.

Animations have been rendered on green screen so you can use the clips as overlays to your own video footage – see Software Requirements, below. Please note, these are video files so the text is not editable. If you wish to change the text please use our Festive 3D Advent Calendar Box Reveal Template for Premiere Pro.

Clip Specifications

Number of Clips – 24
Resolution – HD (1920×1080)
Frame Rate – 30fps
Clip Duration – 0:05
Format – MP4
Audio – None

Perfect for social media countdowns

The square shapes in these animations make them ideal to fit snuggly into your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Now you can use social media to countdown Christmas in style!

Color Tip

Once you’ve keyed out the green, use your video editor’s colorization effects (such as Hue/Saturation, Tint or Color Balance) to change the colors of each clip. Great for creating animated graphics which are closer to your brand.

Software Requirements

These are green screen video clips and knowledge of green screen (chroma key) removal will be needed to use them. Please check to see if your editing software has a green screen removal function and refer to our video blog article for further information.

For use in most desktop video editing applications including Premiere Pro, Final Cut, iMovie, Avid, After Effects, Sony Vegas and Apple Motion. These are MP4 files and may require Apple Quicktime to be installed on your machine.

Can I edit the text?

No, but if you’ve got Premiere Pro you can use our Festive 3D Advent Calendar Box Reveal Motion Graphics Template to edit the text and colors directly, creating your very own unique Christmas countdown graphics!

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