Living With Coronavirus – Animation Pack

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Creating a COVID-19 awareness sequence? You’ll want some coronavirus animations to help get your health advice across.

COVID-19 Animated Illustrations

Living With Coronavirus Stock Footage Animations Pack

A set of 13 video clips featuring the symptoms, prevention, social effect and spread of the 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) which brought the entire world to a standstill. These animations show the implications to human life of the global outbreak of a deadly virus.

All clips are sized to 4K Ultra-HD resolution (3940×2160), and are perfect for illustrating the social impact of this brutal viral pandemic.

Animations Included in this Pack:

Symptoms – Cough, Fever and Breathing Difficulties

Coronanvirus Symptoms - Cough Fever Breathing - Enchanted Media

Features a person showing the main coronavirus symptoms of a cough, a high temperature and breathing difficulties.

Prevention – Self Isolation

Coronanvirus Prevention - Self Isolation - Enchanted Media

Features a person protecting the rest of the population by removing themselves from the virus’ spread (self-isolating).

Prevention – Social Distancing 1

Coronanvirus Prevention - Social Distancing 1 - Enchanted Media

Features people abiding by social distancing advice and maintaining a set distance from one another. This is a loop ready clip.

Prevention – Social Distancing 2

Coronanvirus Prevention - Social Distancing 2 - Enchanted Media

Features people moving away from each other to a safe distance, to halt the virus spread.

Prevention – Stay At Home

Coronanvirus Prevention - Stay At Home - Enchanted Media

Features a family, a couple and a single person self-isolating in their home.

Prevention – Touching Face

Coronanvirus Prevention - Touching Face - Enchanted Media

Features a person wrongly touching their mouth, nose and eyes and then showing them correctly using a face mask.

Prevention – Using Tissue

Coronanvirus Prevention - Using Tissue - Enchanted Media

Features a person wrongly sneezing (coughing) openly, and using their hands – then correctly using tissue to contain the spread of a virus.

Prevention – Washing Hands

Coronanvirus Prevention - Washing Hands - Enchanted Media

Features the hand washing techniques used to correctly and thoroughly clean the virus from hands. Specifically it shows hands under running water, adding soap, rubbing palms, interlocking fingers, scrubbing fingertips and cleaning thumbs.

Social Effect – Panic Buying

Coronanvirus Social Effects - Panic Buying - Enchanted Media

Depicts supermarket shelves being depleted of groceries in a case of panic buying.

Social Effect – Stockpiling

Coronanvirus Social Effect - Stockpiling - Enchanted Media

Depicts a shopping cart being overfilled with groceries in a case of stockpiling (panic buying).

Spread – Duplication

Coronanvirus Spread - Duplication - Enchanted Media

Depicts a coronavirus cell cloning and expanding to extreme amounts. This is a loop ready clip.

Spread – Global Pandemic

Coronanvirus Spread - Global Pandemic - Enchanted Media

Depicts the fast, global spread of the coronavirus through every country in the world, culminating in a pandemic.

Spread – Person to Person

Coronanvirus Spread - Person to Person - Enchanted Media

Abstractly shows a viral disease growing and spreading exponentially between people.

Software Requirements

For use in most desktop video editing applications including Premiere Pro, Final Cut, iMovie, Avid, After Effects, Sony Vegas and Apple Motion. These are MP4 files and may require Apple Quicktime to be installed on your machine.

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Terms of Use

All files remain copyright of Enchanted Studios but are royalty-free for personal and commercial use – please review the Terms of Use before downloading.


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