Dust Overlay Footage – Free Clip

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What’s Included

A realistic moving dust overlay loop for providing atmosphere to your video productions. These mote “floaties” are perfect for adding subtle motion to otherwise static shots.

Loop-ready, 4K Ultra-HD resolution (3940×2160).

Simply place over your footage and change the blending mode to Screen or Add.

Change the opacity to lessen the dust effect, and to fade in and out.

Need More Dust Effects?

Get a whole bunch of 4K dust overlays in our Dust Particles Overlays Pack. Or, for a complete set of atmospheric particle overlays, including rain, snow, dust and fire embers, take a look at our ATMOS Particle Overlay Pack.

Software Requirements

This is an MP4 file only for use in desktop video editing applications which allow layers with Blending Modes such as Premiere, Final Cut, Avid, After Effects, Sony Vegas and Apple Motion.

Terms of Use

We only ask that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and do not provide the file for download anywhere else. Our files are copyright free for broadcast, motion picture and for online commercial use – such as monetized YouTube.

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Want more free Dust Overlays?

We’ve picked out some fantastic free dust videos from Adobe Stock. Click the thumbnails to take you to the downloads.

Free dust overlay 493153669 from Adobe Stock.

Free dust overlay 344001733 from Adobe Stock.

Free dust overlay 334812728 from Adobe Stock.

Free dust overlay 322113071 from Adobe Stock.

Free dust overlay 309568420 from Adobe Stock.

Free dust overlay 273037870 from Adobe Stock.

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