Ultimate Energy FX Pack

Add energy effects to video in a flash!

Ultimate Animated Energy Flash FX and Explosions HD

Ultimate Energy FX Pack is a collection of electrical flash overlay effects for use with video footage, motion graphics and animation. Ideal for cartoon animation, gaming channels, and anime-themed content energy flashes are also a great way to embellish your product promotions and make branding jump out!

Variety of electrical styles

The pack contains a huge variety of animated energy elements including force fields, laser beams, electric shocks, lightning, blasts, bursts and explosions.

Energy FX style categories:

  • 01. Beam Bolts
  • 02. Beam Loops
  • 03. Rings
  • 04. Energy Fields
  • 05. Radial Bursts
  • 06. Line Shapes
  • 07. Arcs and Arrows
  • 08. Energized Shapes
  • 09. Full Screen Blasts
  • 10. Full Screen Wipes
  • For a full list of energy elements visit the Ultimate Energy FX Pack Gallery.

    Flash FX for all types of video creator

    Perfect for adding instant voltage to YouTube, TikTok and Instagram videos these effects can also be used to jazz up text and motion graphics, allowing you to create exciting and energetic logo reveals in minutes!

    Optimized for speed and flexibility

    All VFX video clips are loop-ready, sized to HD resolution, 1920 x 1080 @30fps.

    Files are saved in MP4 format for reduced file size and optimal compatibility. As such, there is no built-in transparency, so blending modes will need to be used.

    If you’re unsure about blending modes please download and test the free sample files and read our blog post “Using Blending Modes to Remove Black Backgrounds”.

    Software Requirements

    Only for use in desktop video editing applications which allow layers with Blending Modes such as Premiere, Final Cut, Avid, After Effects, Sony Vegas and Apple Motion. Please test the free sample files before purchasing.

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