Handy Guide to Basic Camera Shots

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Handy Guide to Basic Camera Shots

A guide to all the basic camera shot type and terminology for beginners in video and animation.

The PDF guide provides detailed analysis of the following camera shot types :

Camera Framing Terms (Shot Size)

  • Extreme Close-Up (ECU)
  • Close-Up (CU)
  • Medium Close-Up (MCU)
  • Medium/Mid Shot (MS)
  • Wide Shot (WS) or Full Shot (FS)
  • Long Shot (LS) or Establishing Shot (ES)
  • Extreme Long Shot (ELS)

Camera Angle Types

  • Over The Shoulder (OTS)
  • Point Of View (POV)
  • Low Angle Shot
  • High Angle Shot
  • Aerial Shot
  • Bird’s-Eye View or Top Shot
  • Dutch Tilt or Dutch Angle Shot

Other Camera Shot Types

  • Cutaway (CA)
  • Cut-in or Insert
  • Reaction Shot or Noddie
  • Master Shot (MS)

For an online version of this guide please read our accompanying blog article – A Beginner’s Guide to Camera Shots and Angles.

Software Requirements

This is a standard PDF file and can be opened with Acrobat Reader

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