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Ever find, when you’re using full screen photos or video in your slides, there never seems to be the right amount of copy space for your text?

In presentation software such as PowerPoint you know that large, impactful images or video backgrounds make your slides look slick and keep the audience engaged – but you also need text and titles to be totally legible.

Introducing Slide Mask Overlays

We’ve created a set of 70 high-definition transparent PNG files, primarily for Powerpoint and Keynote, to place over your image and video slides – giving you instant, clean text space.

Free PowerPoint Slide Mask Overlay Pack

No longer do you have to draw boxes under your titles to make them stand out, or make elaborate shape masks to hide areas of your image. These drag-and-drop files are the perfect text holders for your media slides.

Adding captions to video or animation? These would also be ideal for masking out areas of your footage to add titles and lower thirds.

Free PowerPoint Slide Mask Overlay Pack Gallery

We’ve provided an assortment of styles and orientations to chooses from. Plus you can flip, rotate, resize and even colorize the graphics to suit your slides.

Work Perfectly with Animated Background Loops

Looking for the perfect animated background for your slideshow?

We specialize in creating animated video loops, so check out our animated backgrounds category.

Software Requirements

Though they are intended for use in presentation software such as PowerPoint and Keynote, these are simply static PNG graphics so will open in most image and video editing programs.

As such, you can use them in Premiere Pro, Final Cut, After Effects etc. to provide instant text space for your titles and lower thirds.

Terms of Use

All files remain copyright of Enchanted Studios but are royalty-free for personal and commercial use – please review the Terms of Use before downloading. In short – you just can’t sell them as your own!

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